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Finally, A Full-Spectrum Formula For Your Skin*

Order Deep Therapy Cream ECFor fast relief from irritation60 Day Money Back Guarantee

An Advanced Eczema & Psoriasis Support Cream:

Deliver Potent Ingredients to Your Skin

Non-Greasy Formula

FDA Approved Ingredient

Gentle for All Skin Types

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Seal 1 Seal 2 Seal 3 Seal 4

Lasting Potency & Stability

Formulated with Powerful Ingredients

Oil 1

Colloidal Oatmeal

Oil 2

Chamomile Extract

Oil 3

Jojobo Oil

Oil 4

Sweet Almond Oil

Oil 5

Cucumber Extract

Oil 6

And More!

Our Promise

Down to the Last Drop Guarantee Makes Your Order 100% Risk Free

We are so confident in our product we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results then simply return your bottle(s), used or unused, and you will be refunded in full (minus shipping costs).

We can successfully offer this honor-system refund policy because we know our product works and we believe in trusting our customers to be honest about their experiences. Even with this policy we have less than a 2% refund rate!

Try Deep Therapy Cream EC and find out what thousands already know. That it is possible to get fast, effective relief with our product.

3 bottles of Deep Therapy Cream EC
Cruelty Free Money Back Guarantee Seal Lab Tested Seal
Order Deep Therapy Cream ECFor fast relief from irritation60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does Deep Therapy Cream EC do?
Deep Therapy Cream EC is a complex remedy that provides your skin with all the nutrients and support to alleviate irritation and rashes. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to address the various complications with skin rash and irritation.
How long should I use Deep Therapy Cream EC?
Deep Therapy Cream EC should be used until your stubborn rash is healed, and we recommend our customers add it to their daily health regimen to get the most out of it.
How is Deep Therapy Cream EC made?
Deep Therapy Cream EC is a truly advanced product that combines several potent ingredients backed by scientific research. This potent formula is made in a high quality manufacturing facility, and is third party tested to ensure what is on the label is what is in the product.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes. Deep Therapy Cream EC comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. We recommend trying our product for at least one month before deciding if it's helpful or not. If you're unhappy with your progress, simply call us at (949) 734-7275 or email us at, and we will refund your purchase in full, minus the shipping cost.
Is Deep Therapy Cream EC safe?
Yes, Deep Therapy Cream EC contains several advanced ingredients which are safe, but always consult your doctor when adding anything to your health regimen, and be sure to read all warnings and directions on the bottle.
How soon will Deep Therapy Cream EC get to work?
With regular use, most of our customers are satisfied with Deep Therapy Cream EC in the first week or two (some sooner!) with continued, gradual improvements thereafter.
Are there any negative side effects?
There are no known side effects to Deep Therapy Cream, nor are there any contradictions with other medications. However it is always important to consult a dermatologist before undergoing any new health regimen.
How do I order a bottle of Deep Therapy Cream EC?
Simply choose the best package for you and click “Order Now”.
You will then be sent to our secure checkout, then simply enter your shipping and billing information to complete your order. It only takes a few minutes.
What will I be billed on my statement?
Our products will be billed under Rejuvica, LLC.
Where are you located?
Rejuvica, LLC is located at:
1620 W Sunrise Blvd, STE 103
Gilbert, AZ 85233